Clamshells Packaging

At Jiangxin Industrial Co. Ltd, we manufacture and deliver clamshell packaging to different industries and clients across the world. We design custom clamshells as per industry-specific needs and our clients include –

  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food technology
  • Cell components and more

Why Us?
As we customise your requirement and cater accordingly. We cater to providing product service right from the design stage to supplying. We are one of the leading clamshell packaging suppliers that have an in-house facility to develop versatile designs and deliver high-quality products to various verticals.

Know About Clamshell Packaging
According to market research in recent times, clamshell packaging represents about 65% of the packaging market. It is by far the most reliable and preferred type of packaging.

Clamshells are clear and rigid packaging that supports encasing of a product fully inside and the packaging is joined by a hinge. This type of packaging allows seeing the product from outside and at the same time provides ultimate protection.

In order to get unmatched quality products and great delivery of clamshell packaging, let us know your requirement today. After knowing the basic factors such as size, shape, volume and material preference of the client we will get you the competitive quote.

Just let us know how we may help you. Call us today!

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