Thermoformed Packaging

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Wondering why thermoform plastic packaging?

As it the best process to achieve the ultimate quality product required in the packaging industry.

What Is Thermoform Packaging?

It is a manufacturing process that involves heating of plastic sheets and transforming them into pliable forming temperature so that they can be shaped in a mold and trimmed as per product demands.

At Jiangxin Industrial Co. Ltd., we specialises in thermoform plastic packaging. We are into thermoformed clamshells and blisters, delivering our high-quality products for retail packaging, industrial product packaging and more.

Our Products:

  • Thermoform Blisters– Clear and rigid packaging made of thermoformed plastics are known as blisters. They can be customised as per the specific industry and client’s needs. Blisters are easy to manufacture and the cost of the product is comparatively less than other forms of packaging. Blister packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Thermoform Clamshell Packaging– Thermoformed clamshells are typical hinged plastic boxes that are specifically designed to secure your product from inside out after loading with snaps that exactly fit together. These are also rigid and are made of thermoformed PVC. Clients may customise their clamshell packaging products as per their business demands.

Love to know more about our range of products? Call us today. We are ready to find you a suitable packaging solution.

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