Garments Packaging

At Jiangxin Industrial Co. Ltd, we believe that every apparel brand needs to stand out to get their word out in the world. One of the best tools to do that is with the help of stunning garment packaging. We deliver clothing packaging supplies to different types of garment companies. Our custom packaging solution has been able to transform your ideas into reality with suitable and strong packaging products.

Our Line Of Products Include:

  • T-shirt packaging boxes.
  • Underwear packaging boxes.
  • Women fashion apparel packaging boxes and more.

How We Do Things

We offer custom solutions no matter what kind of requirement you have. We will also get your brand logo printed on the plastic packaging for clothes that will enhance your brand identity. We also cater eco-friendly products that can be reused and recycled.

Now that you are aware of our services, why not get a quote for your order?

We just need to know a few things to understand your requirement better:

  • Size, shape, thickness.
  • Material (PVC, PP, OPP, PE, etc)
  • Type (zipper bag, self-adhesive, printed, etc)
  • Colour choice
  • Order of quantity

For information on quality and custom made packaging products, we are your one-stop solution. 100% customer satisfaction is our guarantee. Take time to browse through our products and you will understand how seriously we take our client’s expectations.

Talk to us today and see for yourself.

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