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Custom style Material Features Length, width, height, radius, etc Use Logo Brand name CAD sample time Sample time
Cosmetic packaging ,stationery packaging,underwear and bra packaging ,food packaging ,electronic products packaging ,gift and craft packaging ,hardware tool packaging ,products displaying and ect. PP,PET,PVC Custom Packaging Customer's Logo Custom 1~2days Within a week
Printing Thickness Price Sample price Minimum order quantity Design Color Quality assurance
UV offset printing; Silkscreen printing; 3D lenticular,flip,zoom; Foil stamping; Special effects printing 0.15~0.8mm Deliberations Deliberations 3000pcs Customer'requirement Custom Our company has been in business for 15 years,quality is a commitment to customers

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  • Bird's Nest PP PET PVC Transparent Plastic Cover Packaging Box



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Xiamen Jiangxin Industrial Co., Ltd. Located in Xiamen, China. Jiangxin Co., had been in the professional field of printing & packaging for more than 15 years. […]

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